About Us

  • At our Run Wild Women’s Retreat, we are a community of women who come together to support, inspire, and uplift each other. Our retreat is exclusively for women, but we recognise the importance of gender equality and diversity in all aspects of life. That is why we have men and women, including married couples, working together to maintain our beautiful gardens, cook delicious meals, and keep our retreat clean and comfortable. We are committed to helping our local community and believe in giving back to those around us. By participating in our retreat, not only will you experience personal growth and rejuvenation, but you will also be contributing to a positive and sustainable impact on our surrounding community. Come and join us for a transformative experience that celebrates the power and beauty of women, and the importance of community and collaboration.

A Spanish Ruin

In 2009, a husband and wife team, embarked on an incredible journey to build a ruin in Spain from scratch. They purchased a stunning yet neglected ruin in a picturesque location,  began the monumental task of transforming it into a beautiful and welcoming space. With determination, hard work, and a passion for creating something truly unique, From laying the foundation to planting the gardens, every step of the renovation process was a labor of love.

 It’s a place where guests can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and find a sense of peace and renewal amidst the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Music, Love and Laughter