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About us

entrance of the retreat
Welcome to the Dragonfly Retreat, Your Ultimate Chillout Destination and Holiday Haven in the Countryside. Prepare to embark on a journey of relaxation, serenity, and pure bliss.
Nestled in the picturesque countryside, the Dragonfly offers an unparalleled escape from the demands of everyday life. Step into a world of tranquility, where the pace slows down, and nature’s beauty surrounds you at every turn. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful getaway with friends, a rejuvenating family vacation, or a corporate retreat that inspires creativity, our property is the perfect sanctuary for all.
As you arrive, you’ll be greeted by the serene ambiance that defines the Dragonfly. Our spacious property accommodates up to 14 people, ensuring that everyone has ample room to unwind and recharge. The country-inspired charm of our accommodations creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, making you feel right at home.
The highlight of our retreat is our expansive pool area. Dive into the crystal-clear waters of our large pool, or simply lounge poolside and soak up the sun’s gentle warmth. As the day turns into night, immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of jazz and blues, as live music fills the air. Our talented resident jazz blues singer, along with occasional guest entertainers, create a magical ambiance that truly sets the tone for relaxation and enjoyment.
Indulge your senses at the Gecko Pool Bar, a unique feature of the Dragonfly. we invite you to experience a self-catering holiday where you can truly immerse yourself in relaxation. unwind in the soothing embrace of the Jacuzzi, letting the warm water melt away your cares.
For those seeking a touch of elegance and sophistication, our upcoming banquet area is the perfect setting. With its sleek black and white theme, this versatile space offers a stage for performances, a kitchen for culinary delights, and a banquet hall for special gatherings. Create unforgettable memories as you celebrate life’s milestones or host inspiring events in this stylish and sophisticated setting.
At the Dragonfly, we understand the importance of a true holiday feel. Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate chillout experience, where you can unwind, rejuvenate, and find inner peace. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, our tranquil haven offers the perfect escape from the chaos of everyday life. Embrace the holiday spirit, let your worries melt away, and rediscover the joy of simply being.