Our Story

Meet Ms. King, a multi-talented artist, singer-songwriter, photographer, and creative visionary. With an unwavering passion for her craft, she embarked on a remarkable journey to design every intricate detail of the Dragonfly Retreat. Together with her husband Mark, they poured their hearts and souls into this labor of love, meticulously crafting the property over a span of 15 years.

Ms. King’s artistic touch is woven into every corner of the retreat. From the carefully chosen color palettes to the handcrafted furniture, every element reflects her keen eye for beauty and aesthetics. She envisioned a space that would inspire and uplift, where guests could immerse themselves in a world of creativity and transformation.


Determined to bring her vision to life, Ms. King and Mark took on the challenge themselves, refusing to rely on builders. They poured their energy, time, and dedication into each stage of construction, infusing the Dragonfly Retreat with their passion and personal touch.

As a singer-songwriter, Ms. King understands the power of music to touch hearts and ignite souls. Her songs serve as the soundtrack of the retreat, resonating with the spirits of those who visit. With her photography and artistic creations adorning the walls, she invites guests into a visual feast of inspiration and imagination.

Ms. King’s unwavering commitment to her artistic vision and her collaborative spirit with her husband Mark have made the Dragonfly Retreat a testament to their love, creativity, and unwavering determination. Their shared dream has become a reality, a place where every corner tells a story and every detail reflects their passion for artistry and creation.

Mission Statement

At Dragonfly Retreat, our mission is to create a transformative haven where people can experience profound spiritual encounters that have the power to change their lives. We strive to provide a nurturing environment where individuals can find relaxation, joy, and inspiration. Our retreat is a place where learning and teaching thrive, fostering a vibrant community of music, art, wellness, and spirituality.

We believe in the transformative power of music, using it as a universal language to uplift souls and create connections. Through our music programs, workshops, and jam sessions, we aim to inspire creativity and personal growth.

Art is celebrated at Dragonfly Retreat as a means of self-expression and exploration. We offer artistic workshops and opportunities for guests to immerse themselves in various art forms, unlocking their inner creativity and embracing the beauty of self-discovery.

Wellness is a cornerstone of our retreat, as we understand the importance of nurturing mind, body, and spirit. Our wellness programs encompass activities such as yoga, meditation, nature walks, and holistic therapies, empowering guests to achieve balance and inner harmony.

We believe that spirituality is a personal journey, and at Dragonfly Retreat, we provide a safe space for individuals to explore and deepen their spiritual connections. Through spiritual workshops, rituals, and guided practices, we invite guests to discover their own truths, expand their consciousness, and cultivate a deeper sense of purpose.

Ultimately, our mission is to create a welcoming and transformative environment where guests can immerse themselves in music, art, wellness, and spirituality. We aspire to be a catalyst for personal growth, facilitating experiences that inspire, empower, and positively impact the lives of all who visit Dragonfly Retreat.