A Retreat For You

The Dragonfly Retreat was conceived to help our guests experience their inner selves again. From our inception we wanted to provide something truly unique not offered by a traditional package holiday

We know there are so many of you out there longing for much more – who seek a deeper experience from travel, and a feeling that will endure and inspire you long after returning home.

And all this happens in an atmosphere of Spanish luxury – stylish accommodation, gourmet dining and wellness programs., The undisturbed Andalusian beauty fused with Dragonflies environment and its wonderfully warm people delivers a magical holiday experience.

Run Wild Retreats

Serene natural settings: Dragonflies are often located in peaceful, natural surroundings such as forests, mountains, or near a body of water. This provides an opportunity for guests to relax and unwind in a tranquil environment.

  1. Mind-body wellness: The dragonfly often offer a range of wellness activities and services such as corporate, teams, yoga groups, meditation groups, and healthy cuisine. These activities help guests rejuvenate their mind and body, and promote overall wellness.

  2. Personal attention: Our retreat has a limited guest capacity, which means that guest receive personalised attention and care from the team. This makes the experience more intimate and tailored to individual needs.

  3. Cultural experiences: additionally we offer opportunities for guests to experience the local culture and traditions, such as art classes, cooking lessons, or tours of nearby landmarks.

  4. Supporting others we offer organic and locally sourced food, and support conservation efforts.

Overall, The dragonfly retreat offers a unique and holistic approach to relaxation and wellness, with a focus on promoting overall well-being and personal growth.

Every corner with a
Touch or Natural beauty